My name is Curtis Lokey and I’m a spreadsheet junkie. My love affair with the spreadsheet began in college when I started working in Quattro Pro. I had used spreadsheets before this, but it wasn’t till then that I really “connected”. I worked some in Lotus 1-2-3 before finally migrating to Microsoft Excel. As an company accountant, I probably have a solid 20+ years of spreadsheet experience. In Excel I have delved into it’s most advanced features, like pivot table/charts, sumifs, and vlookups.

Why did start this web page? I was reading the Journal of Accountancy, and they featured data mining the general ledger in the January, 2017 issue. I realized that I do most of what is in the article on a daily basis, plus more. So, this web page will be dedicated to the tips and tricks I use to data mine and summarize general ledger details. Enjoy.