What I like to call “Lokey Labs”

Since about 1995, I’ve been creating random websites. Mostly for my own enjoyment. Some are still useful today, and some I just keep around for nostalgic purposes, and to clutter up the internet.  They’ve been on lokey.com, lokeys.com, and lokey.biz. Now, their home is lokey.co. OK. I like my last name

One of my more useful sites is a loan calculator. It shows the principal+interest, and total paid.  At one time, I was into browser bookmarks. Some include getting the URL, and title of a web page.  And a cool one can create a QR code of the URL so you can transfer it to a smart phone.  Most recently, I’ve been playing  around with Google Sites. I have a test page, and a page I created for a property I’m selling locally.  Also created a stand alone page for it as well.

Check out the full list here.