Delete or hide blank rows with VB macros

These macros can be helpful in data clean-up.  An example might be exporting large amounts of general ledger data with tons of extra lines in between the good data.

The key is to select the area that has the data.  This might be column that has GL account amounts.  The lines you want to delete do not have anything in this area.

In this screenshot, we want to delete the rows that are red in column N.

Here is the macro name “BlanksRows_Delete”- used for deleting:

Sub BlanksRows_Delete()
End Sub

In the above example, select the N column, then run the macro.

If you only want to hide the rows, you can use this macro “BlanksRows_Hide”

Sub BlanksRows_Hide()
 Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True 
End Sub