My Favorite Excel Shortcuts

Here are some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

ALT + EnterWhen you are in a cell, this will add a new line
ALT + =SUM() formula
CTRL + FFind text on worksheet
CTRL + HFind text, and replace with something
CTRL + BFormat bold
CTRL + IFormat italics
CTRL + UFormat underline
CTRL + `This shows formulas. Also to remove.
CTRL + Shift + $Format cell in currency format
CTRL + Shift + &Add borders to selected cells
CTRL + SpacebarSelects the whole column
CTRL + ;Inserts the current date in cell
CTRL + TABSwitch between open workbooks
F2Probably my most used shortcut. This is to edit a cell

What I like to call “Lokey Labs”

Since about 1995, I’ve been creating random websites. Mostly for my own enjoyment. Some are still useful today, and some I just keep around for nostalgic purposes, and to clutter up the internet.  They’ve been on,, and Now, their home is OK. I like my last name

One of my more useful sites is a loan calculator. It shows the principal+interest, and total paid.  At one time, I was into browser bookmarks. Some include getting the URL, and title of a web page.  And a cool one can create a QR code of the URL so you can transfer it to a smart phone.  Most recently, I’ve been playing  around with Google Sites. I have a test page, and a page I created for a property I’m selling locally.  Also created a stand alone page for it as well.

Check out the full list here.

Delete or hide blank rows with VB macros

These macros can be helpful in data clean-up.  An example might be exporting large amounts of general ledger data with tons of extra lines in between the good data.

The key is to select the area that has the data.  This might be column that has GL account amounts.  The lines you want to delete do not have anything in this area.

In this screenshot, we want to delete the rows that are red in column N.

Here is the macro name “BlanksRows_Delete”- used for deleting:

Sub BlanksRows_Delete()
End Sub

In the above example, select the N column, then run the macro.

If you only want to hide the rows, you can use this macro “BlanksRows_Hide”

Sub BlanksRows_Hide()
 Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True 
End Sub


Formula for getting the last day of the month

…a quick tip that you may find useful in your applications…

I have spreadsheets that produce journal entries that I can then import into the general ledger. I reuse these spreadsheets every month.  I always make the effective date the last day of the month. To make it easy on myself (why not), I just enter the first day of the month in the cell above, and use this handy formula:


Cell A1:
Cell A2:
Results of formula
How it works

It takes the date (6/1/2017), then makes it the first day of the next month (7/1/2017), then subtracts one day, making it 6/30/2017.